Animation and Video

Animation and Video 2

Tailoring video to your brand.

In marketing, video is everywhere – and it comes in all shapes and sizes. We know because we’ve worked on many of them, from animated product education to interviews and slick product launches.

It’s from this hands-on experience that we’re able to advise on your video strategy as well as the execution. We’ll get to know your goals, how your video fits into your wider marketing mix, and then recommend the right format, style, and medium for the impact you need.

Animation and Video

Video with real vision.

The most successful videos – the ones that people remember, react to and share – are no accident. They’re backed by solid strategy and smart decisions about everything from style to placement.

Working with us, our in-house animators and producers will help you understand your options including music versus voiceovers, animated versus captured, and how to get the most exposure out of your video.

Then, through a series of storyboards, we’ll bring your video to life before production begins. It’s an approach that guarantees absolute confidence at every stage and in every frame.

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