Email Deployment

Email Deployment 3

Make your emails instantly activate with automation.

Working on sprawling multi-language, multi-region campaigns, we’ve seen the way automation can reduce the cost and burden of getting emails sent. But we’ve also explored how smart automation unlocks new possibilities in how you communicate with, and nurture your customers.

In Eloqua, Marketo, or just about any automation platform, we’ll help you develop campaigns that are more personal and, as a result, more likely to get strong results. It’s everything from careful timing that hits different regions at the best possible time, to layered nurture programmes that react more intelligently to user behaviours.

Email Deployment 4

Using data to drive better email.

In our experience, the biggest impact comes when the right data, design and deployment intersect. Our team of email experts can help you maximise the value of the data you already have and get actionable insights from every new send.

Before we put your deployment into practice, we’ll look at your list and segment your data to create smaller, more specific target audiences. Everything from device compatibility to send time can then be driven by the data itself, not a best-guess about the people you’re sending to.

And, when your emails are out in the wild, use our clear and concise reporting to analyse every open and every click, increasing your customer view and informing your next steps.

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