Interactive Collateral

Interactive Collateral 3

Interactivity isn’t just engagement.

Working on interactive collateral including sales tools and PDFs for well-known brands, we’ve seen the incredible things that can be done. It’s a lot more than being able to click in an interactive table of contents.

The best collateral goes beyond using interactive elements for the sake of adding interest. We’ll show you how interactivity can help you communicate more clearly, make your messaging more memorable, and even capture data and generate leads right inside the PDF reader.

So all your collateral, from sales enablers to data sheets, is a new opportunity for people to interact with your business.

Interactive Collateral 2

Taking interactivity to your internal audiences.

Some of our favourite uses of interactive collateral haven’t engaged end-users at all. They’ve been focussed on making life and work easier for internal stakeholders, from sales teams to senior executives.

In many cases, they’re the hardest audiences to reach. But when new sales tools or marketing kits are genuinely useful and easy to work with – or when the data in executive reports can be filtered on-the-fly – interactivity gets people involved.

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