Data Processing

Data Processing 1

Compliant in-house data processing.

We take our data protection and privacy responsibilities just as seriously as you do. We’ve handled highly sensitive data for national and global campaigns, meeting strict compliance obligations at every stage.

Our own Data Protection Act data policy sets clear controls for how data is handled, stored, processed and used, while we’re always refining and improving our processes in light of ever-changing legislation and standards like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you trust us with your data, you can be confident it’s in safe hands.

Data Processing 2

Reaching the humans behind the data.

Data is a wonderful thing. But bits and bytes don’t buy things, or visit your website, or pick up the phone. When we work with data on any scale, we’re always focussed on what it really means – and how we can leverage it to improve the way you run your campaigns.

Our goal isn’t just to prepare your data for use – it’s to make sure your data can deliver the right results. Using segmentation, we’ll give you new ways to reach your audiences with relevant, personal marketing. We’ll help you focus your efforts and budget on specific subsets of data for a given campaign.

All with clear, regular reporting so you can see how hard your data is working.

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