Branding and Logo Design

Branding and Logo Design

A structured process for branding.

We know that when you’re exploring your brand, it can sometimes feel elusive and hard to get a grip on. That’s why our process is structured, using a framework and approach we’ve been testing and tuning for years.

Through exploratory workshops and competitor analysis, we’ll help you get to the heart of your brand and personality. We’ll see where you sit on the spectrum of brand archetypes, from magicians like Apple to innocents like, well, Innocent. And then we’ll follow the knock-on effect of the values we uncover, revealing how your visual identity and communications can capture your brand effectively.

All brought together in practical brand guidelines that set the foundation for consistent, on-brand collateral and marketing activity.

Branding and Logo Design 2

Putting your brand into practice.

With our talented multi-disciplined team, we take brand guidelines and turn them into complete toolkits for your new identity.

An effective logo lets your customers get what you’re all about before they read a single word. The right stationery design makes sure you’re building your brand with every letter you send or business card you hand out. And clever copywriting can support and amplify your brand personality in every point of contact.

Whether we’re building an initial suite of brand tools or starting a longer relationship, working with us means no-nonsense branding with a pragmatic, outcome-led sensibility.

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