Point of Sale

Market place

Strategic design for retail.

POS displays are an opportunity to connect with consumers in a place where they can immediately make a purchase, and a frame of mind where they are more likely to. If only making a connection were that easy.

For us, the secret is in the strategy. Our knowledge of retail strategy and customer trends means we can design based on how people really behave, not just what looks good. Our POS design is always underpinned by diligent planning, including shelf planograms to optimise how stock is placed.

So you can be confident your display won’t just attract consumers – it’ll convert them.

Point of Sale 3

Standing out from the noise.

Retail is a space where dozens, even hundreds of brands are all shouting for attention. Even with the best placement, being heard takes a high-impact approach to design, layout and structure.

Working with big, established brands and startups promoting innovative new products, we’ve seen the impact of dramatic imagery and short, benefit-driven copy. We’ve also created interactive, tactile experiences where consumers can really get to know the products you’re trying to sell.

That’s why we’re the right team to maximise your results from retail.

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