1973 rebrand!

We've rebranded! Get the lowdown on our new logo, new look and why we felt the need for a change...

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Copywriting: We all have a book inside us

I know a successful artist – you know, the messy form of using paint, oils, brushes and a canvas of some sort – and he has always told me that anyone can be an artist; if they can hold a brush and move it with confidence, then they can paint. That particular faith in human...

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1973 have become an integral part of our company’s go-to-market with any new product or campaign. They are that rare breed of agency that brings together fresh creative design, user experience best-practices and the technical chops to highlight key metrics and ROI. They work seamlessly with various stakeholders, they routinely under promise and over deliver, and I can’t imagine a more agile company to work with.

Joshua Walti. Channel, Partner & Field Marketing Executive at Seagate
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