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Responsive account manager

As responsive as we are proactive.

We enjoy working with big brands and smaller businesses on campaigns of all shapes and sizes. We deliver integrated marketing that crosses sectors and borders alike.

But let’s be real for a minute. What really sets us apart isn’t just what we do. It’s how we do it – and the amazing people involved.

When you work with us, you will have a solid team of in-house experts on your side. No go-betweens and no jacks-of-all-trades. Real people on the other end of the phone that offer creativity, technical know-how, and a relentless focus on successful outcomes. We stop at nothing to achieve everything.

Your campaign will be as functional as it is fascinating – and every big idea leads to a big impact.

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Our story.

The name 1973 Ltd comes from the year our founders were born. Since then, they’ve seen the digital revolution first-hand – the way everything from our music collections to marketing channels have evolved to take advantage of new technology.

But, since the company was founded in 2004, what’s really driven our success is an unbiased attitude that combines the strengths of digital and more traditional marketing. We bring the speed and pace of a connected world to our work in print, just as we bring the physicality and quality of the best print into our digital projects.

Today, 1973 Ltd is a thriving team of multi-disciplined experts that can guide projects from start to finish – and across every channel – to support clients from small businesses to enterprise-level corporates.

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We make powerful marketing with a distinctly human approach.
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