Your complete email marketing guide

We’re delighted to say that following the amazing response we received for our email marketing training series, we decided to create an interactive PDF version specifically for marketers. 

This downloadable resource offers insight into the fundamentals of email marketing, acting as a useful reference point for future campaigns you may have planned. It covers 6 key areas to help boost your email marketing skills and ROI.

Topics covered include:

  • Campaign planning – Helping you achieve your goals and objectives
  • Branding – Creating a strong brand identity
  • Content – Crafting engaging content that prompts action
  • Design and build – Designing impactful emails with build restraints in mind
  • Automation – Understanding how to use automation and the benefits it offers
  • Analytics – Measuring campaigns and tracking results

Why download a copy?

With email marketing offering one of the highest returns on investment, at a staggering £35.41 for every £ spent. Plus, active email accounts are set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024, there’s no wonder marketers are embracing email marketing with open arms. But, getting great results isn’t as easy as clicking send.

This unique, interactive PDF guide offers easily digestible sections to support your email marketing efforts. You will find step by step guidance to help you grasp the intricacies of email marketing, as well as practical, fun examples to demonstrate application.

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