Boost your email marketing

…was the title of a series of webinars we’ve been asked to host by a client, Seagate Technology. We’ve done the first one already, and it went really well. I won’t lie; there were a few nerves beforehand, but we were all really pleased with the end result.

The first webinar covered laying the groundwork — email templates, best practices and must-haves.

We covered the basics in this session; from having a compelling subject line through to the necessary legal bits in the footer, and everything you need in between. This was all about laying foundations that will ensure your email looks good, and has everything it needs however its viewed.

email must-haves

We will be building on this in our next session which is all about pushing the boundaries — what’s possible in emails today and tomorrow?

You can download the webinar for session 1 from here, and there’s a slide deck to download if you fancy a look.